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Instructions for Rosary Conference Calls

   Please call in at 6:50 PM (PT) to avoid interrupting the Rosary. When connected, please state your name so that the host and the attendees know who is online. During this time, the host will arrange for those who will lead the prayers. Those calling in after 7:00 PM, just join in. You can mention your name at the end of the decade. While praying the Rosary, it is not possible that everyone can pray all at once and hear everyone praying especially those who are using phone speakers that have auto muting.” Before the rosary starts about three to five minutes, there may be an announcement made for instructions especially for the newcommers to understand the rosary procedure.


   The host will lead the Apostle's Creed, the Our Father and the three Hail Mary’s. At the end of each decade, the host also prays the Fatima prayer, "Oh My Jesus…”. When we have completed the five decades of the rosary for the day, we will pray the Hail Holy Queen, Saint Michael Prayer, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Magnificat and the Fatima Prayer, "My God I belive...". You are invited to pray the extra ten decades after the first five decades are prayed. There are a number of people in the group that do pray the fifteen decades and it would be nice to have more people to participate.


   During the recitation of the rosary, please try to avoid any and all unnecessary noises that will cause distraction. Phones are sensitive and everyone can hear everything in the background. If you need to cough or sneeze, do so away from the phone and/or cover your mouth. If you persistently cough or other similar problems please mute the phone while not reciting or responding to the prayers. If there are more than one person calling in and wish to pray out loud in responding to the prayers, please mute the phone. To mute the phone, type in (*6) and to un-mute, type in *6 again. Some phones have a mute button on them so use that when necessary.

   Before the RCC phone number was changed, we where using the access number addition to the regular number. If for some reason we had to revert back to the old phone number, I want to make aware of those who have T-Moble cell phone or other cell phones that the carriers are charging one cent per minute for calling into a religious prayer conference calls. You need to report this matter to the FCC and to the State Attorney General. It is fraud and discrimination against Christians.


           Please join us tonight and help bring souls closer to Jesus and Mary.


             For questions and feedback, please use the contact form page.